Curious about materials and techniques of creation, avid for shapes and colors, Sophie-Agathe Remy reinvents an aesthetic, poetic world where life is good. Sensitive to all forms of culture and the art-of-living full south, it feeds on their light, their landscapes, to create collections with patterns to warm friendliness.

Living in the south-east of France for many years, after training as a painter in heritage design at the School of Avignon, she widens her professional activity from artistic painting to the world of decoration

Thus was born ZÉPHYR & CO in 2011, near Aix-en-Provence, halfway between the Camargue, the cannisses and the azulejos.

Sophie-Agathe Rémy declines her collections, 100% French, around the finery of the house, from the table to the living room, from the terrace to lazing on the beach.