This pattern takes you on a journey of infinite shades and original shapes. You could even imagine shapes, a face, a dancer, an object… It is perceived by your own imagination and brings a graphic and contemporary aspect to your decoration.


Agata n°1

Agata 2

Agata n°2

agata 3

Agata n°3
Fitting : 161 cm

agata 4

Agata n°4

agata 5

Agata n°5

agata 6

Agata n°6
Fitting : 177,5 cm

agata 7

Agata n°7
Fitting : 322,5 cm

Agata 8

Agata n°8

agata 9

Agata n°9

motif agata 10

Agata n°10

motif agata 11

Agata n°11