With a passion for using unexpected materials, always attracted by finding new forms ,shapes and colors, Sophie-Agathe Remy imagines a world with new esthetic and poetic codes and introducing a new enjoying lifestyle.



As an artist, her creations and collections are highly influenced by the Provence and its lights and landscapes . She proposes us her a warm,colorful and friendly  style .


Living in the south east of France for many years  after studying at the French school: l’école d’Avignon “, she decided to ally both her passions: painting and decoration and to propose her own view of a certain lifestyle .


Zéphyr& CO is born in 2011,near Aix en Provence, a special area between the Camargue, the cannisses and the azulejos.


Sophie-Agathe Rémy’s ranges are 100 %/made in France and will brighten the house from the walls to the family’s table and from the terrace to the beach .